Professional dental treatments and emergency dental work

Thornhill Dental Practice will provide you with high quality dental treatments.
At some time in our lives, we all need to visit the dentist. Due to the natural actions of eating and drinking, a certain amount of wear is inevitable. It's always best to ensure that dental problems are treated as quickly as possible. If you've ever suffered from dental pain, you'll know that it's not worth just trying to ignore it.

Many people know how important a visit to the dentist is, but are still reluctant because of the reception they may receive. At Thornhill Dental Practice, we make a point of making you feel comfortable as well as delivering an excellent standard of treatment.

Our dental treatments include:

  •     Dentures
  •     Tooth whitening
  •     Dental implants
  •     Scale and polish
  •     Mouth guards
  •     Crowns/Veneers/Bridges
  •     Orthodontic treatment
  •     Fillings/White fillings
  •     Children's dentistry
Dental Maintenance
One of the best forms of cure is prevention. Regular dental check ups can spot problems before they develop and stop minor problems becoming more serious. call us now to book your first dental examination appointment.
White Teeth

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